Apple, Google, AT&T respond to FCC

Late last month the FCC sent a series of questions to Google, Apple and AT&T over the supposed denial of the Google Voice application from the iTunes App Store. Now a little less than a month later we are getting some answers. Interestingly, Apple is saying that contrary to popular belief the Google Voice application was never denied and that it is still being reviewed. The iTunes App Store review process generally takes less than 14 days, but without any updates during that time, much to developer's chagrin.

Apple is stating that the version of Google Voice that was submitted alters the iPhone's user experience in such a way that it may be denied; the app replaces the iPhone's interface with its own for calls, text messaging and voicemail. Apple also disapproves of Google using and transmitting the iPhone's entire contact list, by uploading it to Google Voice.

Both Apple and AT&T have reassured the FCC that AT&T has no say in the approval process for iPhone applications, something that many have speculated to the contrary. All this while Google was fairly mum on the situation with its entire answer to "What reasons were given for rejecting Google Voice?" being held confidential by the FCC. Google has created a web-based version of Google Voice for iPhone users and continues to suggest it until the situation is resolved.

Apple has posted its full response on its site and both Google and AT&T's responses can be found over at Engadget.

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