eBay expected to announce Skype sale plans on Tuesday

There's been a fair bit of discussion about Skype in the technology world lately; whispers here and there have had some believe that it will soon be sold by its owner, eBay. The lads over at the New York Times have reason to believe that, on Tuesday, said deal will become a reality. The tip came from two people said to be briefed on the deal by the company itself.

You might recall that eBay announced that it was looking to sell Skype back at the start of this year, though details were sketchy. There was no news regarding who the company would be sold to, nor how much it would be sold for, so it's really no surprise that this rumor has surfaced.

Skype unfortunately became a bit troubled earlier in the year, when the company which formed Skype, Joltid, threatened to cancel the licensing for the technology which Skype utilizes. As we stated at the start of last month, when eBay bought Skype for the hefty $2.6 billion price tag, it didn't actually include independent access to the "Global Index" technology, so it stayed under Joltid's control. It may not have seemed like a problem at the time, but it's certainly a thorn in eBay's side now. The software is to be sold to a group of 'private investors', who would apparently run it as a private service first, and then prepare it for, once more, public usage.

So, if Skype was purchased for $2.6B, how much do you expect it'd be worth now? Apparently, eBay is only after $2B, although Skype has been reported to be well on track to bringing in $600M revenue for this year alone. Either way, if this deal is true, expect to hear about it very soon.

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There are some interesting conspiracy theories around eBay's purchase of Skype (which was somewhat irrational). I hasten to add it actually comes from the financial industry too! eBay were hoodwinked into the purchase to make lots of money for stock brokers and banks.

If it makes sooooo much money, why don't eBay just break it away on it's own, to allow them to consentrate on it's core business of auctions / classified advertising / paypal payment system.

The whole Skype thing reminds me of vapourware IT bubble of the late 1990's

If skype goes private will that mean current account holders lose there access until public again?

I hope joltid get it back.

I think Joltid would be the only bidders. The whole reason Ebay are selling it is because they risk losing some of the tech licences that Joltid hold, and any purchaser would have those same risks, making it a fools purchase.

TonyLock said,
What will the sale mean for the Skype account holders?

Probably nothing different as when ebay bought it they only added/edited features.