Microsoft gets search deal with Facebook and Twitter

Microsoft announced on Wednesday at the Web 2.0 Summit, that it has signed deals with Twitter allowing real time updates in Bing. These real-time updates will bring tweets directly onto Facebook is also said to have real-time updates in the near future, but plans for that are still in development.

The Bing Twitter beta will allow these public updates to be published directly onto the search engine, allowing for anybody to search Twitter directly from Bing. Twitter feeds that include spam, duplicate results, and adult content will be filtered out of the news stream.

The Twitter deal also features a search query that lists tweets in chronological order. The Bing Twitter search also offers "Best Match", which will use Bing's very own search technology to display results.

Both Facebook, which Microsoft has financial investment in, and Twitter have also been rumored to be talking with Google about similar deals. Microsoft and Twitter currently have a non-exclusive deal, but failed to comment if the Microsoft and Facebook deal will be exclusive.

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