Windows Mobile 7 UI confirmed by Microsoft?

Microsoft confirmed today that the company will unveil its plans for Windows Mobile 7 at the MIX 2010 conference in March next year.

Microsoft Office Vice President Kurt Delbene confirmed the news at the end of day two at the Professional Developers Conference here in Los Angeles. Little is known about Windows Mobile 7 except that it has been plagued with delays. Recently Neowin confirmed 1,000 engineers are assigned to Windows Mobile 7 and that social networking is a key feature.

Screenshots of the rumoured interface leaked in March this year and Microsoft officials refused to confirm or deny. Interestingly, Microsoft has posted a shot of a Windows Mobile interface on its Office 2010 beta site that looks identical to the rumoured Windows Mobile 7 shots. Is this Windows Mobile 7, something in-between or just concept?

Office 2010 Mobile site:

Previous leaked shots:

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