Google Chrome beta for Mac imminent

While Google's Chrome Web Browser has been available for some time on Windows based PC's there has been a lull in activity regarding the Mac version. That is, until today.

Today the Chromium Projects website was updated with a Mac OS X Roadmap. This roadmap details what has been changed, what's been fixed and what is coming, Although consumers have been able to download alpha builds of Chrome via the development channels, this new roadmap provides a clear path to an official beta release.

The clue here is the opening statement on the Chromium Projects page, which says "now that we have an initial beta release under our belts, our goal is to fill in the missing features and release on a regular schedule." This statement from Google is a very solid indicator of an impending beta release.

Neowin reported last month that Chrome for Mac was due in December and it appears the release is imminent. Tech Crunch also reported earlier this week that only 8 bugs remained between in Chrome for Mac before a beta would launch. Now it seems that Google has squashed those 8 bugs and has updated the planned roadmap. The public beta launch of Google Chrome for Mac is expected at any moment.

Though not publicly announced yet, users wishing to try this beta should keep an eye on the Google Chrome website.

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Also, at least as much of an indicator:
Still open bugs geared for Google Chrome 4 for Mac, that are blocking beta

Yes, ONE bug, last modified a minute ago. ;)

I recommend watching bug pages in general, both for Firefox and Chrome, as release indicators. :)

These are how many bugs are open, but aimed for Chrome 4 FINAL for Mac. Not a long list either, and most of them are about minor localization issues. So they won't even release the beta with many known bugs. This is great too!