Google introduces real time search

Google's a company that's continually trying new things. It's braved the world of browsers, mobile phones, and, soon to be, operating systems. It still doesn't forget about its roots, though: search. The company has unveiled its implementation of real time search, which will be going live soon.

As written about on Google's blog, the company claims its doing this as it does its best to bring consumers the latest, real time news, in an easy-to-read way. Now, whenever you search for a topic, you'll be able to see live updates from sites like FriendFeed and Twitter, enabling you to see what others have to say about what you're interested in (of course, you'll get updates from news sites, also). This feature is also handy for discovering important news that you didn't already know about. For example, Google showed a main story about GM's stabilizing car sales, but underneath, the real time search displayed an article about the CEO of the company stepping down.

Another important feature is that you can choose to filter the real time results. You can opt for only getting updates from microblogging sites, such as Twitter, or full-blown news sites instead. Additionally, Google noted, "Latest results and the new search options are also designed for iPhone and Android devices when you need them on the go, be it a quick glance at changing information like ski conditions or opening night chatter about a new movie — right when you're in line to buy tickets."

We've embedded a YouTube video from Google, showing how the feature will work. Remember, it'll be live in the next couple of days, available worldwide, in English. If you're curious about it now, however, by going to Google Trends and clicking on a topic, you will be able to see it in action already.

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Hm... I'm not sure I'm crazy about this...

I mean I like the feature for traffic conditions and stuff, but I just don't see this as being all that useful... I guess I'll see how it plays out for me.

i am testing it right now .. and it looks cool so far
just watching posts pop up from twitter almost live is fun :P

I think this is a truly breakthrough feature of search. Until now we've been limited to searching for terms on pages which are often days, weeks, months or even years old. With this we are 100% up to date. If this is implemented properly and search results are 'fed' to Google (and can be fed by anyone, not just selected partners) rather than being spidered, it could completely change the way people get information. Of course I'm sure even Google will expect little to come of this feature in version one, but a few iterations down the line (and built-in to other vendors' applications) it has the potential to be an important technology for the future.

This is a major development with lots of implications some of which won't be clear for weeks or even months. To see a way real-time search experience can be really improved, take a look at


Anesh said,
This is a major development with lots of implications some of which won't be clear for weeks or even months. To see a way real-time search experience can be really improved, take a look at



toadeater said,
Not quite.

Bing did with Twitter, but yes it's true Google took it a step further and applied it to news articles and the rest of the web.

epple said,
This was introduced in July by Bing.
They will also begin to integrate Facebook when that opens up (as will Google) and you as a user can choose to show your status updates in your public profile (please don't).
I don't support the direction of where this is headed, but as long as it can be excluded from regular searches I'm fine with it.

Yeah, I want an option to exclude it absolutely...

And I remember this being added to Bing as well. Though I've never found a need to use it so far...

hahah the first result points to a Warez forum with a Neowin bot that copies headlines from here :P at least they're nice and they don't copy the whole thing and they include a link to the original article

Rudy said,
so it will search twitter....great

I never really understood Twitter....

What the heck is twitter? :P :))
I hate twitter...