A busy day for Google's Android

Today, Google surprised the Android community with a little treat named "Goggles" (see Google testing Goggles visual search).

Originally thought to be exclusively released internally, amongst Google's staff, Goggles is now available for download in the Android Market for devices running version 1.6 and later. The application aims to bring visual search to the Android platform, allowing users to search by taking pictures of landmarks, barcodes, books, and other everyday items. Goggles also features a form of augmented reality, overlaying information about places your camera is looking at, such as restaurants, stores, and famous places.

Google also released an updated version of Maps (3.3.0) for Android 1.6 and above. This version now has a Labs section, allowing users to add features that are currently in testing, such as a scale bar, terrain layer, popular categories, layer button, and a compass arrow. To learn more about the new Maps, visit Phandroid.

As rumored earlier this morning, Google and Verizon began rolling out an OTA update of Android 2.0.1 for the Motorola Droid. This is a minor update for Google's most popular, and only, Android 2.0 handset, which has already made its way to over 700,000 Verizon customers throughout the US. Users should be receiving the update within the next 48 hours, if they haven't gotten it already. The update includes everything from longer battery life to improved Bluetooth functionality.

Android (as well as the iPhone) also received Real Time Search capabilities. Visit our previous coverage at Google introduces real time search.

Video Credit: Android and Me and Guys from queens

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All I noticed was hair too. But I do want Android 2.1 and all the updates from Google for my HTC Hero which is starting to annoy my fellow iPhone users as they realise not everything Apple make is so wonderful all the time.

Julius Caro said,
There's a high pitched sound in the video that's driving me crazy.

It's not the hair, or the high-pitch sound in the audio that drives me crazy.

It is the lack of content in the video. All he does is read off a Verizon website, show the info screen that lists firmware version, and complain about the phone's battery life and how one of them (he didn't even say which one) has an echo problem. Oh, I guess he mentioned that 2.0.1 is faster a few times.

Not sure it was worth watching a 2 minute video for that.

RangerLG said,
How about 2.0 for other Droid phones?

+1. Version 2.0 has been out for ages and I haven't got it on my Vodafone Magic yet!

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