Twitter: Developers have created 50,000 apps to date

Twitter announced today that developers have created 50,000 applications based on the Twitter platform.

Twitter's Director of Platform Ryan Sarver donned the stage this morning at the tech conference Le Web 09 to announce several changes in Twitter for 2010. Sarver started by looking back at Twitter in 2007. In 2007 Twitter only had one application that took advantage of Twitter's open feeds. Flash forward to 2009 and now Twitter has 50,000 registered applications from various developers.

Sarver also detailed four new announcements for Twitter:

  • Firehose public stream for everyone - Twitter will allow third parties to access the full stream of Tweets which it blocked previously. It's not clear whether there will be a charge associated with this.
  • Twitter Developers platform - Twitter is introducing a new developers platform that includes tutorials, FAQs and documentation on how to use Twitter APIs and build Twitter applications. This is expected to launch within the next few weeks.
  • OAuth changes - API rate limits will be increased from 150 per hour to 1500 for developers. Basic OAUth will be phased out in June 2010.
  • Chrip, Twitter Developers Conference - Twitter will hold a developers conference in San Francisco in 2010. More details at Chirp.

Image Credit: Robert Scoble Flickr

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How many of those 50,000 "apps" though are just people who created app IDs just to see what happens, or started writing an application, and got bored after 30 minutes?