Steve Ballmer begins podcasting internally at Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has begun recording and publishing his own podcast internally at Microsoft.

The podcast is published internally on the Microsoft Academy Mobile community. Academy Mobile is a Microsoft internal social computing initiative aimed at creating a knowledge sharing environment. The community driven site encourages Microsoft employees to create podcasts and videocasts. The site runs on SharePoint Server 2007 and reaches out to over 70,000 Microsoft employees.

According to those with access to the site, Ballmer posted his first podcast to the network last week. Neowin understands that there's no typical intro music associated with podcasts and that the recording took place straight from Ballmer's office. Little is known of the content of the podcast and it's not yet clear whether developers, developers, developers were an important part of the podcast.

Ballmer has always been a somewhat outspoken, controversial and passionate CEO at Microsoft. One cannot deny that he enjoys his job leading Microsoft and that he's clearly excited about the products his employees produce. Newsweek is predicting that Microsoft will oust Ballmer as CEO in 2010. Citing 50% stock price drops since his introduction as CEO, Windows Vista and the loss to Google for Search share and Apple for MP3 player share, the prediction is number 9 in Newsweek's top 10 tech predictions for 2010. Ballmer was appointed as CEO of Microsoft in January 2000, next month will mark 10 years in his role as Microsoft CEO.

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This is a positive step. Now employees will no longer be forced to listen to the CEO's address at the most inconvenient time, and can choose to completely ignore it if they wish.

Also can't wait for the leaks and then his rebuttal about how the podcasts are Microsoft property and contain confidential trade secrets. I just hope there are lots of chairs and happy songs involved

And i would agree with him. but then that would bring up the discussion of wheither eulas are legaly binding because i knowmicrosoft sure as hell wouldnt let this out without you signing your life to them. Also be prepaired for lots of people to be sacked because you just dont leak internal company procedures and goings on because that would be a pr/hr/security nightmare