Mobile browsing on the rise, Android looking impressive

An article on AndroidGuys brings up a chart from NetApplications that shows an explosion of mobile web browsing in the month of December. According to the chart, all major mobile operating systems saw huge gains in market share, but one stood above the rest. Android saw a whopping 54.8% increase. That's more than iPhone and BlackBerry combined. Windows Mobile is not shown as it was not in the top five.

Mobile browsing now accounts for 1.3% of total web browsing. Considering Chrome only accounts for 4.63%, and Opera, another 2.3%, mobile browsing doesn't seem to be doing too bad. In the month of December alone, mobile web browsing increased .23% (compared to November's .12%).

If you look at Android over the past year, you will see that it has sustained steady growth. Then, from November to December, you'll see an abnormally large spike (probably due to the Motorola Droid and the busy holiday season). This trend will likely continue as Android devices continue to flood the market. With Google's upcoming Nexus One announcement, Android's browser will continue growing at an alarmingly fast pace. The more devices we see with Google's phone OS, the more market share it will capture. 2010 is sure to be an interesting year in the mobile world.

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Hopefully WinMo 7's built-in browser will be at least as good as the Zune HD's, if not better (and with tabs!).

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 for Windows Mobile is really awesome!!! I think WM browsing are going to continue to rise fast... Also more and more are getting HTC HD2's and other new wm6.5 phones with large displays...

owziee said,
Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 for Windows Mobile is really awesome!!! I think WM browsing are going to continue to rise fast... Also more and more are getting HTC HD2's and other new wm6.5 phones with large displays...

Indeed Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 is pretty nice. I still have some quibbles (Like the fact that it's virtually impossible to select text from a page as "Select Text Mode" returns you to the top of the page, not where you want to select the text... And changing minimum font size has some undesired ramifications as well... But it's getting there. There are more things right about it than wrong to be honest. I just hope some of this stuff is fixed in Beta 3. That text selection thing is driving me bonkers though... I never realized how much I selected text before... I can no longer send people FMyLife's...

My previous phone was a Windows Mobile and never cared to browse the web on it. Now I have the Palm Pre and the browser displays pages exactly the same as PC even with Flash. I see why mobile is on the rise.

Yeah. Well, mobile browsers on all platforms are improving I think. Opera Mobile is really working to improve as well, so I think it's a lot to do with competition... They're all trying to be the best, and the consumer wins. Yay us!

The chart is showing gain, not current users. That Windows Mobile is not in the top five for gaining web users is absolutely true.

noleafclover said,
That's right... This WM Poweruser article from today has WM at 50% growth in 2nd place behind Android for the month of December:

That's interesting, especially since this data is nowhere to be found in the article I was referencing. Also, the figures that the WinMo article shows aren't the same as the ones from the article above. They seem to be slightly inflated. I wonder if they are figures from a slightly different study.

Thanks for bringing it up GP007 and noleafclover!

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yeah.. mobile browsing nowadays is so much more convenient than before. OS's that rule in that depart. is iPhone and Andriod OS...

Indeed. On my old XV6800/Omnia the web browsing felt too clunky for me to use it more than emergency situations. Using a Motorola Droid now, and I am browsing multiple times per day.

Yeah, I spend a LOT of time online with my phone anymore. it's just very convenient and helps me keep on top of news and such. The mobile web browsers have come a long way. Opera Mobile 10 B2 (Though buggy in some areas as it's still in Beta) is pretty nice.