Windows Mobile 7 delayed till 2011? Umm NO

On Sunday a seemingly unknown site, named Bright Side Of News, came out stating that Windows Mobile 7 was "definitely delayed to 2011".

If the original headline made you jump then join the club. It's sad that we're even covering this but when big named sites like PC World begin reporting this belief as "news" and Twitter spreads it as news then it's time to put some facts straight. BSN doesn't name any sources or why it believes Windows Mobile 7 is "definitely delayed to 2011". Instead it claims "We spoke with representatives from Microsoft, Lenovo, Qualcomm, TI, Nokia, nVidia, HTC and many more". The main two out of that bunch that would know if Windows Mobile 7 was delayed would be Microsoft and HTC and both aren't speaking about Windows Mobile 7.

At the consumer electronics show last week Neowin spoke to representatives from LG who confirmed they would be shipping devices with Windows Mobile 7 "this year". Does that sound like 2011 to you? In December 2009 Microsoft UK head of mobility Phil Moore confirmed that we won't be seeing Windows Mobile 7 phones on the market until late 2010.

Microsoft officials refuse to comment on Windows Mobile 7 in most cases but Robbie Bach, Entertainment and Devices Division, held an analysts call at CES last week and confirmed that the company will share details of Windows Mobile 7 next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. "I've seen it and played with it," Bach said. He also believes that Windows Mobile 7 will "set the bar forward not in (just) an evolutionary way." From what we are hearing from insiders the company is ready to show off Windows Mobile 7 and will do so at Mobile World Congress. Microsoft's annual conference, Mix 2010 in March, will be the time for company officials to unveil developer features. We questioned Toshiba, Samsung and LG about their Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and 7 plans but all refused to answer the future of Windows Mobile in depth, presumably due to non-disclosure agreements with Microsoft. All of this evidence does not point to devices showing up until after February 2011.

The truth is, Windows Mobile 7 will be discussed at Mobile World Congress next month and Neowin will be there live to keep you up to date. From what we've seen, it will blow you away. So as always, stay tuned.

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Seems to me that Microsoft has been swimming in molasses ever since they started work on WinXP SP2 and Vista. Windows 7 received decent reviews, but in the end it is just Vista warmed over. The only killer app that I've seen is Ultimate and Win2008 R2 native boot from a virtual hard disk (VHD) file - neat, but not exactly what most people would ever think about using.

WM7 will struggle against the now fast moving open source movement. Microsoft's worst nightmare is now a whaling banshee for all to hear.

Ok, since when is Nokia 'in the know' wrt Windows Mobile?

I'm going to ask Sony to comment on any LG delays with their newest tvs. lol

Ballmer isn't directly in charge of WM. Sure he's the CEO but he doesn't go down there every day and tell them how to do every little thing.

As far as I know it's...

Ballmer ---> Bach ---> WM team manager (whoever that is, I dunno. That should be the order.

From what I've seen, looks like the same old framework with a new dress on... I think MS has really dropped the ball on WM and wont be able to catch up....

You haven't seen anything. All you've seen are a couple of mockups. There haven't been any real WM7 screenshots released or leaked to public news outlets. You are basing your conclusion that MS dropped the ball on nothing. You don't know what it looks like, what the features are, or how well it works. Good going.

I can't wait. MS has the know how now they just need to have the show how.

It's not about making the next Iphone Killer or the next Android stomper but giving consumers better choices.

For me. Windows Mobile makes more sense for my business world. Android is not mature there yet and Iphone is app heavy and useful light. But that is for my needs not someone elses.


Forget Non-Disclosure let it out of the bag already. I will pitch in a dollar for the legal fees

+ 1 about the most important implication of WM7 being greater consumer choice. Also, the competition being spurred on to develop further.

More competition = good. Then we ALL win, regardless of individual choice.

"I've seen it and played with it," Bach said. He also believes that Windows Mobile 7 will "set the bar forward not in (just) an evolutionary way."

Can't help but lulz Winmo is pretty much dead. Their markets been blurred and eroded that it once had a strong standing in. Unless they reshape the whole thing which is highly unlikely based on what they gave us in form of 6.5 they really should just pack the bags or just bail out come back later when they figure better path to follow.

You know that 6.5 only came about so they could take longer in implementing 7, right? Thus it stands to reason that because 6.5 exists, the likelihood is that 7 is much more, or perhaps completely a rewrite.

It was hinted at before that 7 is a rewrite, I remember reading something about it not sharing binary compatibility with older versions and so on.

Yesterday there was also a news bit saying that WM7 will have/use a HAL (hardware abstraction layer). If true this means MS can make it even more portable and so on.

I think the haters will keep going until MS finally shows WM7 next month and gives us some sorta time frame. But I don't fret. I can wait if it's worth it.

"On Sunday a seemingly unknown site, ..." =>
"It's sad that we're even covering this but when big named sites like PC World begin reporting this belief as "news" and Twitter spreads it as news then it's time to put some facts straight."

This is (one of many) wrong things the 'media' and many individuals has been doing the past years and has gradually only gotten worse. Source criticism, please! And thanks for bringing this issue to light.

It is interesting that you mention PC World specifically, as their ability to produce reliable unbiased news over the last year has plummeted. Read a handful of their articles, then note the ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down given by readers. You would think the management would take notice of their staffs' poor reporting as of late, but I've yet to see any decline in garbage worthy articles.

Based on previous releases there is a 3/6 months delay between the time MS releases a WM OS and the time devices running it are available; being a MS shareholder I hope this time they will be able to expedite the process.
My further concern is that there is so much expectation for WM 7 that MS will have to deliver something really revolutionary; if not the market reaction will be severe...

In the same analyst chat Robbie Bach had, that is quoted from above, he brings up the fact MS has been pretty hands off on the device side of things and how this slows the process down and also brings out devices that are subpar and perform poor. He then went on to say MS is going to be more hands on now and will speed up the cycle.

I think the fact all the phone makers are keeping so quiet about when and the what is because if they did let out any news so early it'd kill any current WM phone sales they are looking to get. They'll hold off as much as they can and keep people guessing as to when so that those average buyers in the market to get one now won't be told to hold off or w/e. You can look at it that way.

I think that with WM7 we will finally see some of the promise shown in those early Tegra demos. I'm only guessing at this since they use it for the Zune HD, they will probably tie Xbox into it, and the general evolution of mobile chipsets is heading toward the Snapdragon/Tegra class anyway. I'm kind of glad I held off on a Nexus One because not only is my Palm getting new life with software updates lately but I will love to see what to expect from a new WM.

currently there is a big delay anyway, i think Microsoft would be wise to ensure that the release is a really solid, outstanding release even if it means a delay.