Man behind YouTube hit FPSRussia shot to death

He helped to create a series of highly popular videos on YouTube. His real name was Keith Ratliff, but his fans knew him as one of the people behind "FPSRussia". The video clips on the channel, where a friend of his named Kyle Myers used an exaggerated Russian accent while firing all sorts of exotic firearms, have generated a total of well over 500 million views.

Ratliff's last FPSRussia video, uploaded on January 3rd and shown above, shows Myers doing what he did best; firing a DRD Paratus-18. The video also appears to be uploaded on the same day that the police in Carnesville, Georgia found Ratliff shot to death in his office.

The New York Times reports that he was shot just once in the head, but not by any of the guns that were also found around him. That's why the police are currently treating this case as a homicide. They claimed to have interviewed several people but have not found a suspect.

Ratliff also had his own YouTube channel, where he went in front of the camera himself to shoot weapons, among other things. It's currently unknown if Myers will continue to post FPSRussia videos without Ratliff.

Source: The New York Times

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John Callaham, there is country that is called Georgia, right on the southern edge of Russia. So when you talk about Russia, then about State of Georgia mind to add Georgia, USA, so it wouldn't be threated as Country of Georgia.

I have never seen his videos before (its not something I would ever watch), but after seeing the video, the very first thing that popped in my head was a fake accent. The guy doesn't even look the slightest bit Russian.

I feel bad for what happened to him. But its just another example of why we don't need stupid stuff, like videos promoting real guns.

Only in Russia... oh, wait. RIP, I've seen a few of the videos he was quite popular among gamers and gun enthusiast on YouTube.

Irony #1 - A gun promoter was shot dead by a gun.

Irony #2 - As much as someone wanted to silence him, they have, in fact, achieved the opposite. His channel will now become more popular and many more off-shoots will pop up on YouTube.

Um of course hes not. The first and most obvious clue is that he kept using imperial units when everyone around the world except the US and some areas of the UK use the metric system.