Many companies planning Windows Phone, Windows 8 enterprise apps

Many companies are planning on deploying Windows apps in the next year, a new study claims.

A new survey claims about one in three companies is planning on developing a Windows 8 or Windows RT enterprise app and one in four is planning on developing a Windows Phone enterprise app.

According to a report by CIO, Microsoft's mobile platforms should see a large amount of growth in the enterprise market as companies look to deploy apps on Microsoft platforms in the next year. Aberdeen surveyed 348 organizations in November and December about their mobile strategy at the time and for the upcoming year, and Microsoft came out on top in terms of apps in development.

The survey revealed that 35 percent of companies responding plan to "develop apps on the Surface tablet over the next 12 months," meaning Windows 8 and/or Windows RT apps, while 8 percent already have apps for the platforms deployed. Windows Phone also saw similar support, with 25 percent of companies surveyed planning on deploying apps within the next year on top of the current 26 percent that already deployed apps.

Andrew Borg, a research director at Aberdeen, told CIO that the results were extremely positive for Microsoft.

"The data shows that IT is holding out hope that Microsoft's mobile strategy will be well-integrated with their overall data center and cloud strategy," he said. "You might say IT has been waiting for Microsoft to make its enterprise mobile play."

Microsoft's gain was Apple's misfortune, as companies are slowing their deployment of apps for Apple's iPad and iPhone, although the overwhelming majority of companies already support the iOS platforms.

While the survey doesn't have any bearing on consumer apps for Windows platforms, Microsoft's desktop platform should see increased support as consumers continue to increase adoption. Windows 8 is now used by more than 10 percent of Steam users, for instance, while its overall market share on all computers is about 3.31 percent, according to new analytic data.

Source: CIO | Image via CIO

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onionjuice said,
Meanwhile all 348 organizations want to create apps for iOS and Android.
iOS & Android > WP, BB10
Can you read? That is not true at all, at least according to this survey.

mattacular said,
Can you read? That is not true at all, at least according to this survey.

Sarcasm? Of course I forgot about internet warriors.

Wait, I thought businesses didn't want Windows 8? That the start screen was too much for them to handle?

Guess all that is BS.

A huge number still don't want Windows-8; most especially those whose business is content creation via full-size keyboards attached to desktops and/or laptops. "Tap-n-thwak" data entry just doesn't work.

I hope the 'blue' updates across the board add better vpn support.. Especially on WP8.. I need VPN support to drop my company iphone

we plan on getting a few surface pro tablets here at work, and we already have a few people out there with Windows phone 8 devices and they have much better compatibility with out systems than either the black berry or iPhone devices that we have out right now.

This is great news. I'm also surprisingly noticing a lot more consumers using Windows Phone as well lately. Like before I felt like I was the only one in my small town using it, but in the last month alone, I've seen at least 5 other people using various Windows Phones. Mostly the cheaper models, but at least 2 had the high-end Nokia 920.