Mario Party 6 Hands-Off?

Mario Party is a pretty popular game on the GameCube, but what if the next Mario Party was played without a controller? The president of Nintendo (Iwata) announced such a thing to Nintendo Investors'. So with no controller does this mean Nintendo is developing a camera peripheral for Mario Party 6. From how things look right now I'd have to say yes.

There's no holding back from Nintendo this week, with further revelations from company President Satoru Iwata, following yesterday's big-up of the company's future prospects. Iwata stunned an Nintendo Investors' Conference in Japan yesterday by revealing that Mario Party 6 won't be played using a conventional controller, saying, "In the past, there have been people who have felt controllers are hard to deal with and did not play games. But this [Mario Party 6] will seek to appeal to those people."

News source: Computer And Video Games

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