Mass production of XO laptops kicks off

One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a non-profit organization launched in 2005 by MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte to design, manufacture and distribute affordable laptop computers to children around the world, announced that mass production of the XO laptop computer began on November 6 at Quanta Computer's manufacturing facility in Changshu, China.

Taiwan-based Quanta Computer has recently doubled its manufacturing capacity, in part to prepare for the production of the XO laptop from OLPC. On November 6, Quanta kicked off mass production in its new Changshu manufacturing center, two hours northwest of Shanghai. XO laptop unit volumes will ramp up over time, leveraging the newly available capacity in the Changshu plant, according to OLPC.

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they could've surely made it look better. Not like a child's toy. I know its meant to be for children, but these could've been used by people who could not afford laptops. Who would like to goto a meeting and open a laptop that looks like an alien?

great. i hope this will put the pretender to the throne, the asus eee pc, out of it's short and miserable life.

Meh... don't see the point of this. Give them food/medicine before you give them a laptop that they probably have no need for or desire for.

So, to you the world is either affluent or dirt-poor? And, when kids get these, all sorts of releif aid to that country will be dropped?

In these middle countries, there are cities. And these cities have schools. And schools need all sorts of educational tools. From infrastructure like buildings and furniture, to teaching materials like books and, follow me here, computers.

No one is stopping medical aid because of these units.

LipSmacker said,
Wow thanks for the info, I really had no idea..... :rolleyes:
Well your post certainly reeked of lack of understanding. People are well-fed or eating dirt. Very knowledgeable, indeed!

P.S. I like sarcasm, too.