Matrox Announces New Remote Graphics Unit

Matrox has announced its latest remote graphics device – the Extio F1220 Remote Graphics Unit. Using fiber optic cabling (sold seperately) the Extio F1220 can drive up to four monitors simultaneously (two analog and two DVI) at maximum resolutions of 1920x1200 per display. The physical computer system can sit up to 820-feet away, allowing users to have a near silent computing environment – ideal for studio uses. The Extio F1220 also features six USB 2.0 ports, two IEEE 1394a ports and three audio ports, one of which can serve as a single analog stereo output or an optical-S/PDIF output. Expect the Matrox Extio F1220 Remote Graphics Unit to arrive next quarter as a standalone unit.

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News source: DailyTech

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don't care the cost, my next sound machine WILL have one of these. The more screens, the more productive you can be, and the computer can be so far away...awesome

random thinking... its +-200 meters of fiber optic cabling (sold seperately).... gess this cable will be expensive... and moust probably with diferent sizes!

Way more than even a hardcare gamer will want to spend. Good luck selling this to anyone but a few niche GFX profesionals, Matrox.

some 1500€.... if this is good for gfx pros, gess what, best is for music pros!! gives you 200 meter of distance from your noise making machine!! now thats way up nicer!! almoust having your pc in neighbours house with direct screen/keyboard/mouse ><)

edit: and 7680*1200 reso for those plugs arround the screens!!

Bah, they should have stuck with the Matrox Millennium or Matrox Mystique brands. :D
Heh, that brought up some memories... I remember especially their reputation in 2D graphics.