Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users. Besides basic browsing functionality, Maxthon Browser provides a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience. [2007-09-30]
+ User Data can Upload and Download
You can upload and download browser settings, proxy data, magic fill data and web content filter data now.
More data can be upload and download in future version.
And you can encrypt your data before upload it for privacy.
(Reset menu to show this when updated)
+ Add "Most Favorite" from Maxthon 1.x
+ Can manage Groups again in "Favorites Manager" and "Favorites Sidebar"
+ Add "search" & "highlight" to context menu for selected text
+ Add an option to undo closed tab in back/foreground
+ Support Getright in download manager

[Bug Fix]
* Improved compatibility and performance of Maxthon Guardian
* Fixed problem that online favorites sometimes cannot be downloaded in new installation
* Fixed problem that proxy sometimes getting slower and slower
* Also show the last visited page after update installation
* Fixed problem setting Maxthon to auto logon with certain Maxthon pages as startup page
* Will confirm when favorite is added to folder with favorite of the same name
* Auto login account will alert error when there is no internet connection
* Fix problem that adding external tools sometimes may not add proper arguments
* Fix URL error in Maxthon Guardian warning dialog (20122)
* Auto update will install to the folder of the browser requesting the update
* Fix problem that "last visited pages" are opened in reverse order
* Fix problem that Maxthon cannot auto exit when shutdown windows
* Fix problem that the red selection rectangle may stay after "Block Page Content..." finish
* Fix problem that check links (favorites) never finish for certain links
* Show absolute addresses in "Block Page Content..." selection menu
* Fix problem that maxthon may crash when the last tab is detached
* Fixed problem that deleted proxy will be continued to be used(19516)
* Fixed problem of incorrect number of last visited pages and undo tabs
* Fixed problem of saving captured image in jpg format(43670)
* Added time delay to auto hide sidebar
* Fixed crash while editing button image

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I just say no to browser shells. :/

But sure, it can have some added compatibility going for it, but that's not an issue on sites I visit at least.

Jugalator said,
I just say no to browser shells. :/

But sure, it can have some added compatibility going for it, but that's not an issue on sites I visit at least.

It seriously cannot be judged on that basis at all, it is most definitely a Browser, it uses the trident engine and can also use the Gecko engine when so required. It also has reasonably strict adherence to de jure web standards but because the standards that are applied on the World Wide Web are de facto standards the entire argument about said standards become spurious! (De facto: This being a technical or other standard that is so dominant that everybody seems to follow it like an authorized standard. The de jure standard may be different: one example is the act of speeding found on highways. Although the de jure standard is to drive at the speed limit or slower, in many places the de facto standard is to drive at the speed limit or slightly faster.) The argument about standards fall on hollow ground and browsers like Firefox have plenty of difficulties with certain pages that do not adhere to its (Firefox’s) rigorous adherence to these (de jure) standards.