McAfee buys into encryption market

McAfee has agreed to acquire encryption expert SafeBoot for $350m in cash. SafeBoot markets data protection software that uses encryption and access protection. The technology primarily targets mobile computers. The privately held firm is based in The Netherlands and boasted revenues of €28.9m last year. The company filed for an initial public offering at the Euronext exchange last month.

Unencrypted data is a common source of leaks of confidential information. A stolen laptop from the US Department of Veterans Affairs in May 2006 exposed information on 28 million former servicemen. On Monday, HM Revenue and Customs was forced to disclose the theft of a laptop from the boot of an employee's car.

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i think NOD32 is probably the best if you ask me.

i been using it a while and it never really caused me any issues with my pc

I have not had much to do with McAfee other than seeing it around on a few random computers I've worked on.

On the subject of McAfee can anyone suggest them as a good AV I’m not keen to purchase Symantec again due to the bloatware issue how are McAfee are they any good ? My old 2004 Symantec needs replacing I’m happy to purchase an AV solution so long as its not bloated