McAfee Tests CleanBoot, VirusScan Enterprise Betas

Network Associates' McAfee Business Unit is currently beta testing new products for its expanding anti-virus arsenal. A new utility being tested dubbed CleanBoot enables NTFS partitions to be cleaned via bootable diskette or CD. The next release of VirusScan Enterprise has also entered beta, and will be offered through a new portal system McAfee is offering to businesses.

The first beta of CleanBoot 1.0 is only a set floppy disk images, but McAfee says Beta 2 will "feature a Manager program that allows the user to update the DAT files and lock the functionality." The company is looking for CleanBoot to be tested in a variety of different hardware combinations and is accepting applications for the beta.

VirusScan Enterprise 7.0 Beta is currently available for download via McAfee's PrimeSupport Service Portal. Businesses without a support contract may obtain a free temporary beta grant number to test version 7.0 and submit feedback.

View: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v7.0 Beta Info & Sign-up

View: McAfee CleanBoot v1.0 Beta Info & Sign-up

News source: Beta News

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