MechWarrior Online brings in $5 million ahead of open beta

There's apparently a lot of money to be made for a game that's technically "free to play". Just ask the development team and publisher of the upcoming multiplayer action game MechWarrior Online. Last summer, Piranha Games and Infinite Games Publishing announced that players could go ahead and purchase "Founders Packages" that offers them a lot of extra content and bonuses for the game.

Today, a press release (via Gamasutra) reveals that the Founders Packages program for MechWarrior Online has already generated over $5 million in revenue. That's before it enters into its open beta phase, where everyone will be able to access the game.

Russ Bullock, the president of Piranha Games, stated, "Working together with IGP, we maximized the value for fans participating in the MechWarrior Online Founder’s Program by offering three tiers to suit different player’s needs. Ultimately the program was a categorical success and we couldn’t be happier with the sales and important player feedback we’ve received."

The open beta for MechWarrior Online was supposed to start last week, but the development team decided to delay its launch in order to fix some stability issues. There's no word on exactly when the open beta phase will begin.

Source: Gamasutra | Image via Infinite Games Publishing

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Great game and true to the source.

BUT, the prices on it are horrible. you have to almost buy a regular retail game just to buy a single mech, sure you can buy them with game credits, but that takes forever. When you got many more mechs than what is even included when you bought the old MW games it feels a bit like a rip off.

I still bought the basic founders package of course