MechWarrior Online open beta starts Monday

It took a little longer than first announced, but now it seems that MechWarrior Online's jump jets are finally ready to ignite. Developer Piranha Games has announced that the open beta period for their free-to-play revival of the MechWarrior franchise will begin on Monday.

In a post on the game's official website, Piranha Games' co-founder Russ Bullock talked about what the open beta period will mean for the already established MechWarrior Online community. Some players might be concerned that the start of open beta is too early because not all of the game's promised features have been put in. Bullock states:

Just because MWO is going Open Beta in no way means we are finished making the game or that we will even slowdown in the slightest. We already have nine months of work lined up in front of us and frankly there is no end to the work in sight. We could easily delay Open Beta endlessly to just wait for one more feature or one more piece of content which could easily become a black hole.  

In the end, Bullock says going into the open beta period was important because there are simply some things the development team can't test with the smaller closed beta team. Even before the start of open beta, MechWarrior Online has generated over $5 million from players who bought "Founder's Program" packages that give them added content.

Source: MechWarrior Online website | Image via Piranha Games

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Enjoyed the closed beta myself. Brought back fond memories of the days of when I played Mechwarrior 2 on my 3DFX card. (And used the PODS in Chicago at VirtualWorlds... Ah, those were the days... Still have my patches for the Loki...)

Nothing quite like running around in big stompy robots shooting at other big stompy robots trying to shoot at you.