MediaCoder 0.6.0 build 3690

MediaCoder is a FREE universal audio/video batch transcoder distributed under GPL license, which puts together lots of excellent audio/video codecs and tools from the open source community into an all-in-one solution, capable of transcoding among different audio/video formats. With many extra features and a expandable architecture, MediaCoder is more than a GUI of a bunch of command line tools.

MediaCoder convert :

AVI to AVI, AVI to DivX, AVI to H264, AVI to MKV, AVI to MP4, AVI to MPG, AVI to XviD, AVI to AAC, AVI to MP3, AVI to OGG, AVI to WAV, DivX to AVI, DivX to DivX, DivX to H264, DivX to MKV, DivX to MP4, DivX to MPG, DivX to XviD, DivX to AAC, DivX to MP3, OGG to MP3, OGG to OGG, OGG to WAV, RAM to AAC, RAM to MP3, RAM to OGG, RAM to WAV, WMA to AAC, WMA to MP3, WMA to OGG, WMA to WAV, WAV to AAC, WAV to MP3, WAV to OGG, WAV to WAV and more....

What's New:

* [update] MediaCoder build 3690
* [add] several absent XviD options (including BVHQ)
* [add] file list invert selection
* [update] preference window reworked with XUL
* [update] aspect ratio option updated
* [fix] join mode issues
* [update] Dirac video encoder 0.7.0
* [update] MPlayer/MEncoder r23315
* [update] FFmpeg r9022
* [update] x264 r655

Download: MediaCoder 0.6.0 build 3690 freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: MediaCoder Home Page

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Mihai, when posting news can you PLEASE post a screenshot that represents the product the news relates to. Yet again your screenshot is of a much earlier version than the one you are telling people about.

A quick 10 second visit to the MediaCoder website reveals a screenshot section with screenshots of the current version (only the build number differs).

bangbang023 said,
Not for nothing, the UI looks almost the same even in later versions. No need for a new screenshot.

While it's true that this product has changed little in terms of visual appearance, the ease at which I was able to get the correct version screenshot makes me wonder why this wasn't done in the first place... I mean where did Mihai get that old screenshot from anyway? Looking on the products website would be my first place to go when looking for a screenshot.

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