Meet the Staff, Episode 4: bangbang023

In case you missed the memo, the Meet the Staff podcast series kicked off a few weeks ago with an interview with Neowin Administrator, Daniel Fleshbourne, Neowin Developer, Rob Wright, and Neowin Journalist, Andrew Lyle. We apologize for not having an episode last week, we had a ton of coverage and didn't want to burry all of your favorite articles too quick.

Each week one of the people behind the scenes at Neowin will be interviewed and answer various questions that our members have recently submitted. The series has been made possible by a long term member, previously a MVC (Most Valued Contributer) and now Moderator, Warwagon.

This week we are pleased to give you the fourth episode of the series featuring Neowin Journalist, author of the "Bang On" column here at Neowin, Christopher Vendemio. We all know him as bangbang023 on the forums. So welcome to Meet the Staff, episode 4. Click play below to listen to the show immediately or follow the appropriate links to download the current episode. Enjoy, and remember to leave your comments about the show below.

Download: Meet the Staff, Episode 4: Christopher Vendemio (Right click, Save As)

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During the recording of my own interview (yes I interviewed my self) I was amazed on how good of job Bangbang and other have done thus far. I was constantly getting tongue tied, and loosing my thought. The interview you heard with Bangbang had very little edit other than removing the gaps.

Thanks freeza and Typhon. I really think the fact that I'm comfortable doing podcasts, after doing so many, helped me out, where as some other guests were doing it for the first time and had the same jitters I did way back when.

Awesome interview! I don't listen much to NeoCast or "Meet the staff". But I just saw "Meet the Staff, Episode 4: bangbang023" on the homepage and I was like "oh Chris is interviewed, that will be great listening".

You are soooooo right on many things like the moderating stuff and that "warning" and "delete" buttons :D. I can feel you as I'm a webmaster in other forum. And Chris BTW, don't edit your podcasts that's what makes the podcast so lovely to listen if you ask me besides it's painful to edit as you said.

You may not know me, but I'm big fan of your topics. Just keep it up dude. ;)

Waiting to interview Redmak and Neobond...

lol I'm not sure I have a radio voice, in the typical sense, but I like to think I make up for it with decent conversation abilities.