Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has a (fake) tank

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is now in jail as the case against him and the file sharing web site continues. However, it looks like Dotcom might be having some fun, even as he sits in a jail cell. According to, a tank appeared on the front lawn of Dotcom's rented New Zealand mansion on Wednesday.

The tank naturally alarmed some of Dotcom's neighbors when it appeared on the lawn. However, there was no cause for concern. The tank turned out to be a fake inflatable prop that was meant to resemble a Russian-made T72 tank. Even though it was a fake, the inflatable tank is estimated to be worth about $3,800. Some armies do use such props in order to fake out the enemy.

The tank prop was not at the mansion last week when New Zealand police officers and FBI officials raided the house that Dotcom lived in along with his wife and three children. The raid, where Dotcom had to be cut out of a safe room before he was arrested, did contain a collection of several luxury cars that have a total value of over NZ$6 million. has some sharper pictures of Dotcom's fake tank. It's currently unknown why he would purchase such an item and who set up the tank at the mansion since Dotcom was in jail.

Image via Komoroske.

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Ha ha that really does look real. But inflatable? In a storm you may get to see the military's latest 'flying' tank

Hope they used a pump, You'd pass out several times inflating it manually!

who would have thought file sharing business like megaupload could make you this rich, mansions, luxury cars, and the list goes on. this idiot got what he deserved in the end, if you think you are invincible think again

LOL at the Tank, wow who the hell put it there for him though and wouldn't Kim's money of been frozen or something? o.o

M_Lyons10 said,

Me too. Forget the fake tank. A giraffe is way better.

mmmmm oh hey hunny.... ooooo wait wait your not the same giraffe from last night!