MegaUpload founder's extradition hearing delayed to 2013

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom won't have to worry about being moved from New Zealand to the US for a little while longer. Dotcom's extradition hearing, which was supposed to be held in August, has now been delayed to March 2013 by a New Zealand court

Reuters reports that the delay was due to two judicial reviews in the case that are still active. One of them concerns the search warrants in the case that a judge ruled were obtained illegally a few weeks ago. The other review deals with the disclosure of evidence by the prosecution. In June, the FBI was ordered by a judge to copy 150 terabytes of information in their case.

While this would seem on the surface to be a victory for Dotcom, his lawyer William Akel said he was disappointed in the ruling, saying, "You obviously want the extradition case to go ahead as soon as you can, but you have to put up with the inevitable."

MegaUpload, one of the biggest file sharing websites, was shut down in January by US law enforcement officials. Dotcom and several other MegaUpload team members were charged at the time with online content piracy. Dotcom has maintained his innocence.

Source: Reuters

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MASTER260 said,

So, it really will?

Of course it will with the laws the US broke taking it down. It may be sometime in 2015 at the rate everyones dragging their heels in the case. I wouldn't be surprised if the servers came back online for users to 'grab their stuff' sometime before DotCom is scheduled to be extradited.

ashmedai said,
I have read somewhere tha MU will be back online...

I personally don't care about it coming back online as much as I do winning the case. The ruling in this court case will set a precedent for all file storage sites in existence.