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This week mrk makes another appearance, this time reviewing the Google Nexus 7 Tablet.


The N7 feels much more expensive than a £160 tablet. By comparison my Touchpad doesn't feel as robust, especially the back which has some flex when pressed in and you can hear the gluey stuff too if you press hard enough. The material should be standard on ALL devices like this, I wish the S3 back cover was this material now, it feels really nice and grippy. Kind of like a shinier version of the ROCK case for the Galaxy S3.

The screen is good, auto-brightness works well enough but tends to be choosing lower levels in normal light than I would desire. The colours aren't as vibrant as the S3 (obviously) but they are fine when the N7 is used on its own and not next to another device sporting a AMOLED-HD screen! Photos look very neutral though, not as vibrant as I'd prefer. I took a snap of both S3 and N7 displaying one of my photos (see below) which has a variation of skin tones and colours in sunlight and you can see the S3 screen is more vibrant and more true to how it was that day compared to the neutral colours on the N7.

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Ok... So I'm considering buying this but can't decide if I have an iPad "New" will this device get used or collect dust.

I am hearing a lot of customer complaints about the build quality of these devices?? can anyone who has one of these do a quick review of the build quality.

I'm starting to like my Nexus 7 more than my "new" iPad, simply because Android 4.1 is so much better than iOS, even with version 6 coming, it's starting to look old.

If Google comes out with a Nexus 10, I'll probably get it....