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Without further ado, we'll hand you over to McKay, who has reviewed the Leap Motion, which we have also covered.


I just got my Leap Motion and set it up, so I thought I'd write off a quick review.


I'll start off with a few quick unboxing photos because some folks like to see this sort of thing. Nothing extensive however. (Apologies for the differing aspect ratios, I cropped them all)

First up is the box itself, the usual plain, white affair with a picture of the product on the front, common for most gadgets these days.

Inside the box was the device itself, 2 USB Cables (1 short, 1 Long) 

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This thing was a piece of junk. I persevered for an hour or two and now its in a drawer. I told my partner to not bother with theirs.

After reading the review I found it to be a great product with a big road to go through.

Now I really appreciate the power of the Kinect Sensor, and how much elaborated it is since it doesn't present much of these probs.

When I tried it out for about an hour, I hated it. It was an abysmal experience. Completely imprecise and frustrating. It's a novelty and nothing more, definitely not worth $80.

As much as I hate to admit it, I played with this thing for 10 minuets before unplugging it. It's clunky. I bought this to use with my HTPC, as an easier way to control Windows 8 - but it's not working. I mean, technically it's working, but it's nothing like in the demos. Back to the remote control and mouse. I pre ordered it, hoping it'll improve my computer experience, but it's not there yet. Maybe with a re-written software ? My advice, skip for now - check again in a few months.

Thanks for saving me the time and money. I thought they were simply replacing the mouse with this sensor. I agree it's useless now. I've been waiting for Windows Kinect to do this right...and wait...and wait. They get this right and MS could re-ignite the PC industry again.

Except Kinect or made for larger spaces and not likely to be able to handle smaller areas, like a workstation. I could be wrong, though...

farmeunit said,
Except Kinect or made for larger spaces and not likely to be able to handle smaller areas, like a workstation. I could be wrong, though...

Kinect for Windows has a "near mode" which means that it works up to 6" from the sensor. Why MS hasn't released pointing device drivers for it is absolutely beyond me.

I pre-ordered my Leap on July 31 2012. Needless to say I was disappointed when the release date got pushed back farther and farther. I finally got mine before the software was even available so I had to wait about 4 days more to use it.

Now that I have it and played around with it I see absolutely no use for it. It's no substitute for a mouse and certainly not for a touchscreen device. Not good for Desktop apps at all. Even if precision/accuracy was spot on who the hack wants to have their hands in the air all the time? Very tiring. Only a 'Minority Report' sort of thing would this be good for.

My 2 cents.

Same here. I pre-ordered my last year and I'm very disappointed with it. You pretty much have to go out of your way and fight your natural instinct to use it and when you do, it's highly inaccurate and tiring on the arms. Too bad. It looked like a neat product.