Member Reviews: LG 34UM95-P UltraWide 34-inch monitor

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This week mrk makes another appearance, this time reviewing a LG 34UM95-P UltraWide monitor with loads of beautiful pics, so without further ado, let's get into it.


Huge. Way bigger than I was expecting. Mine didn't come wrapped in padding on the outside like some other folks did in the USA though, just wrapped in white plastic on the outside then the box.


I got a HDMI lead and Displayport but since I recently bought one and already had it wired up I never unwrapped the bundled cables.

The stand is actually metal, the only plastic bit is the trim panel parts along the top. It's quite heavy too. In videos and pics I've seen online it looks plastic. I threw that back in the box because I wasn't going to use it..

This smaller pic does not do it justice - click to enlarge

The screen

It's huge. bigger than I thought it would be in fact and it's heavy. It comes with a little energy star sticker on the bottom glossy plastic bezel bit (the only bit of bezel on the front really) and as I peeled it off it left a residue. I started to wipe off the residue and noticed that the glossy black plastic area was becoming marred/cobwebbed like black plastic does once it ages. I hate that and it's a shame. Picture of that area below:

Click for the larger version

Why give you a protective sticker for the VESA mount and then put a sticker on the bezel which leaves residue? Kind of a half-assed oversight in my books. I'll end up brushing the whole strip so it's matte instead of glossy in time though so it won't be an issue again.

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horses for courses at the end of the day.

When I was considering what monitor to get, I could not see a 2560x1440 that had the same quality of of panel as the LG, let alone that was 21.9 aspect ratio (and for movies and games, I much rather have the lower vertical res. and 21.9 aspect ratio than a higher res. 16.9/16.10 aspect ratio)

My monitor cost £270

The cheapest monitor with that res. is the AOC Q2770PQU (which is 16.9) costs about £380

Interesting.. wound save a bit of room from dual monitors, never mind the gap between displays. (Normally I like a nice gap but not between monitors.) Will definitely have to consider one of these down the road.. Surface Pro 3's my next expense, maybe this one for Christmas.

I rather have more vibrant/natural colors , than more resolution.
But most people seems to focus only on resolution curiously.

4K IPS 31" monitor (3840x2160) ~ $2500
This monitor (3440x1440) ~ $1000

4K terrible TN 28" monitor ~$600

And don't forget this monitor is a lot easier to run at native resolution. Won't require 4 $1000 GPUs

Nice review and photos as always mrk :)

I was very dubious about the 21.9 aspect ratio format and the monitor being too wide but after using one (LG 29UM65), there is no way I am going back to a 16.10 or 16.9 monitor. Watching and playing games/films on a 21.9 aspect ratio monitor is superb and much more immersive.

Powerless said,
He has actually sent the monitor back due to it bleeding. Currently waiting for the RMA...

Are you sure?

A bunch of people who have had theirs have posted issues with backlight bleed but mine has been problem free so looks like a stock and/or batch issue "could" be in effect in various regions. As mentioned mine came from Germany so no idea what difference that makes. I'm still enjoying the screen though.

Mr. Dee said,
Disappointed though, didn't see Microsoft Word.

It'll fit three full pages at 110% with the ribbon down

The_Observer said,
How big of a desk would i need to have this. Have been looking at this for sometime, but @ 34" thats massive.

Keep in mind the 34" sounds a lot bigger than you would think because of the really wide ratio. It's about as tall as a 27" 16:9, but wider.

I wonder what headphone stand he has? Monitor looks good now lets see what the Australia tax on it is like....

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