Memory maker turbocharges Ram to 1302MHz

A Silicon Valley memory manufacturer plans to unveil what it claims to be the world's fastest memory modules at next week's Consumer Electronics Show. Patriot Memory said that it will be featuring working displays of the 1302MHz Extreme Performance PC2-10100 module. The models are over-clocked DDR-2 modules. DDR-2 chips normally operate at speeds of 667-800MHz. Although Patriot's new modules may be the fastest, the act of over-clocking a memory module is hardly a technological breakthrough, according to Nam Hyung-Kim, director and principal analyst at research firm iSuppli.

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what you assclowns dont realize is that Patriot RAM sucks - and is probably as stable as my grandmother after a Stoli cocktail and a bottle of valium...

but - please - go dump $300 on some lame-ass generic Fry's typical brand RAM, I'll stick w/ the good stuff

Actually, Patriot isn't a bad brand. And would be no different to any other 'good' brand. I probably wouldn't buy Patriot unless they were significantly cheaper or better than the rest of the market, but then again, they don't sell it over here (Australia) and I am not at that end of the market.

The memory chips are all produced by the same company (Micron) anyway.


hcn88 said,
hehe, you're right
i stick to Crucial
what do you recommend as "the good stuff"?

Corsair of Course
Kingston Hyper X
Crucial Ballistix
Mushkin Enhanced
micron no particular order - and for some reason I feel as though I am leaving a couple of big names out. But you really cant do better than the top of the line Corsair when it comes to gaming / OCing

but like everything else thats is quality - you have to pay for it dearly

i know its not necessary, but shouldn't the memory clock speed be equal to the speed of the CPU's bus in order to be stable?
what CPU has an FSB that is 1302Mhz? the fastest i've seen is 1066Mhz

btw, if anybody knows for a fact that the memory is stable at a higher speed than the CPU, tell me so i can stop underclocking my memory!

What's the point of all this DDR2 overclocking? We might as well just go to DDR3 now instead of pushing an old standard to its limits.

i totally agree. Overclocking isn't a breakthrough or anything and this shouldn't really be on the front page. People constantly overclock their CPUs and if a newspost is made for every record broken then our front page would be completely filled.