Metro 2033 and Duke Nukem 3D being given out for free

Everyone loves free stuff, and we have not one but two PC games that you can get for free for a limited time. One is Metro 2033, the 2010 released post apocalypse first person shooter set in Moscow from developer 4A Games and publisher THQ.

All you have to do is "like" a THQ page on Facebook and you will receive a code to download Metro 2033 via Steam. The codes will be given out "while supplies last" and is a way to help promote the upcoming sequel, Metro Last Light. Normally, Metro 2033 is listed at $19.99 on Steam.

The other free game is Duke Nukem 3D, the still highly entertaining 1996 first person shooter from developer 3D Realms. From now until Friday, you can get the game, in both PC and for the first time via Mac OS X, for free on the web site. This is the Atomic Edition of the game, which has the original game and the Plutonium expansion pack. has also started its annual holiday sale, with special deals every day until Christmas. The first deal lets users get eight games from developer Bullfrog, including Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and more, for 50 percent off their normal price for each game or 75 percent off if you get all eight in one bundle.

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Just replayed Metro 2033 on a new rig --all the effects at HD feels like a completely different a very good way

The Duke Nukem link is borked. I searched for Duke Nukem on, in the dropdown it says FREE, but when I click on it, the game page says 3$ and even at checkout it's still payware.

Thanks for the tip! I finally got Metro 2033. I've been interested in it, but wasn't sure if it was really worth paying for because my game budget isn't nearly what it used to be. Now I finally get to check it out for the unbeatable price of free!

It's a great time to be a PC gamer. You have these free games, plenty of Pay-What-You-Want bundles going on now, and amazing deals (managed to pick up a $5 copy of Batman Arkham City GOTY edition today). And we haven't even hit the Steam winter sale.

My backlog runneth over!