MetroPCS wants to offer Windows Phone 8 devices

So far, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have all confirmed that they will be offering new Windows Phone 8-based smartphones to their customers when devices based on Microsoft's next OS will be ready later this year. Now, another wireless carrier in the US has hinted strongly it will also join the growing Windows Phone 8 bandwagon.

In an interview on the Fierce Wireless website, MetroPCS's chief operating officer Tom Keys was asked about the company's plans for Windows Phone 8. He stated, "Windows Phone 8 we think has a place in the portfolio. We're actually working with a manufacturer right now on bringing Windows Phone 8 to marketplace. We think we want to offer it."

He added that Microsoft has a chance to own the "home screen" with multiple devices, a reference to Microsoft's plan to offer similar UI experiences with Windows 8 for desktops, notebooks and tablets combined with Windows Phone 8 for smartphones. Keys also said that the success of Nokia's Lumia line of Windows Phone products will be a "bellwether" for how Windows Phone does in general.

While Keys doesn't 100 percent commit MetroPCS to offering a Windows Phone 8 device in the interview, he does say, "So at the end of the day, we think it's interesting and competition among operating systems is good for the ecosystem."

Source: Fierce Wireless | Image

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The one thing that disappoints with me Windows Phone is that carriers have the ability to block updates. I have the Lumia 900 and had to wait months for ATT to allow the Tango update. From what I am reading Windows Phone 8 will be in the same boat.

If he only thinks they want to offer it could always be cancelled. Probably best to stick with the big boys, at&t at least is guaranteed to carry WP8, anyone else is a toss up.

Cyborg_X said,
Nope. Metro AG.

But we don't know that for certain. It was just speculation. It's far more likely that this company is the real reason why. If that's true, then I think Metro's renaming is more justified.