Metrotube YouTube player for Windows Phone coming to Windows 8

Developer Lazyworm Applications launched the Metrotube app for Windows Phone devices some time ago. The third-party YouTube app has turned into one of the most popular and highly reviewed YouTube clients for Microsoft's mobile OS. Today, Lazyworm announced that a Windows 8 version of Metrotube is in the works and is very close to release.

The developer announced their Metrotube Windows 8 port on their Twitter page and in a news release to the media, the company said that the port is now in beta and should be submitted to the Windows Store for publication within two weeks.

The Metrotube port for Windows 8 will be a free app to download without any ads. However, Lazyworm stated, "Seeing as we passionately hate serving up ads within our apps, we plan to introduce an in-app purchase 'donation' system in the hope that enough people will be happy to support ongoing development." We plan to get some more details from Lazyworm about Metrotube for Windows 8 in the near future.

Lazyworm Applications has already released the Twitter app Tweetro+ for Windows 8 and has announced plans to bring the Windows Phone newsreader app Weave to Windows 8 sometime this June.

Source: Lazyworm Applications | Image via Lazyworm Applications

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Too late! Between Youtube Player and Metrotube there are two free high quality youtube apps available. Epecially Youtube Player has seen huge improvement since its innitial release, its now fast, responsive and looks great too.

People alway act as if Windows 8 doesnt have any apps but since I got a Surface and had to use modern apps exclusively I havent missed anything. I got a full startscreen with 44 apps that I think are all of the highest quality. I only would like better live tile support on my public transport app and a better 9GAG app.

Glad to see more quality apps making their way to the desktop. Although I don't see myself buying it vs simply using the website, I'm sure other tablet users benefitting from this. It's a great app for WP (where I prefer it to the built in shortcut)

I'll admit, I prefer watching my subscribed content through metrotube on my phone and through youtube+ on the computer. Google makes that experience too cumbersome imo. If only there was a way to get links to youtube videos to load in those apps... I would use YouTube's website at all.

I love it on Windows Phone. But YouTube+ already has my money and MetroTube will have to be a better mousetrap to get me to buy something else.