MetroTwit for Windows 8 gets a major upgrade

While Twitter released its official Windows 8 client in March, there were many third party Twitter apps available to download beforehand that have their own fans. One of the first was MetroTwit, created by a small team in Australia. It's been a while since the team updated MetroTwit but today a new version made its debut in the Windows Store.

The new MetroTwit has a revamped design to play with but still retains the basic multicolumn look and feel of the original MetroTwit, which should please its many fans. It also adds support for previewing inline pictures along with a number of unnamed bug fixes; viewing and managing multiple Twitter accounts still requires an in-app upgrade to MetroTwit Pro.

If you are using the Windows 8.1 Preview build, the MetroTwit Twitter feed has posted word that you will have to download a hotfix from Microsoft that will deal with an issue that prevents scrolling in XAML apps. Users are apparently finding other bugs in MetroTwit with the Windows 8.1 preview but the creators indicated in another Twitter post that they have just done some very basic testing with the preview version.

Source: Windows Store via The Verge | Image via MetroTwit

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I'm not a fan - I prefer the old colour scheme tbh.

There's also now no way of marking tweets as "read" so that I can see at a glance whether there's new stuff that's appeared without having to remember what I read last.

The font is also smaller, which is a bit of an issue for me.

I've yet to find a Twitter client that matches the features and usability of TweetDeck. Being able to append columns for specific searches and viewing the feed in real time w/ real time interaction makes TweetDeck the best there is - unless I'm missing something.

Twitter really needs to hire Long Zheng -- MetroTwit has a much nicer design than their official apps. It's already more feature-packed than the official app, and if he had a team of Twitter engineers behind him there's no telling what he could do.

It just stop working at one point on Windows 8, I just removed it and stuck with the native Twitter and People apps in Windows 8.

What put me off was that you can't have more than one Twitter account in view like the desktop version.. So I'll stick with that.

Loving it but hoping Long adds a dark theme, not a fan of the gray colors. Still the best Twitter client around though and one of the few Metro apps I use daily.

Hm doesn't seem to be working with my twitter account. Just says "Error, tap to retry" which of course doesn't help much.

Tested it out yesterday and it's pretty snappy, especially on Windows RT. However, it's still very buggy (cannot click on ... on my own tweet, cannot use portrait mode). Every wrong move leads to a crash.

Still missing the autocomplete and notifications, but the Live tile is working.

I think that version will be a lot better, but it needs a bit more love for now.