Michael Dell improves his offer again to take Dell private

The efforts to take Dell back to being a private company took yet another turn as the company postponed another planned shareholder vote today. The reason is that the company's founder and CEO Michael Dell, and his main financial partner Silver Lake, have improved their offer to shareholders yet again.

Last week, Michael Dell said that his "best and final offer" would be to give shareholders $13.75 a share, up from the first offer of $13.65 a share. Today, Dell and Silver Lake boosted their offer which now also gives shareholders a special dividend of 0.13 a share.  As we have mentioned before, Microsoft is throwing in $2 billion of its own money to help Dell go back to being a private company.

In return for the new offer, Dell's special committee has agreed to changes in the shareholder voting rules that have been requested by Michael Dell. Basically, any shareholder who does note vote for or against the offer will not have his or her vote counted. Previously, the rules stated that shareholders that choose not to vote were automatically listed in the "no" category.

Thanks to these changes, the Dell shareholder vote that was planned for today has been pushed back yet again, this time to September 12th. Dell still has to deal with activist investor and billionaire Carl Icahn, who says he will pay $14 for each share of Dell, while still keeping some of the company public.

Source: Dell | Image via Dell

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I really can't wait to see how this pans out for Dell - and I mean that in a positive way. I've always thought that the wills of shareholders, and the demands they put on companies to be quite caustic.. it'll be interesting to see how it works out for them if they manage to take Dell private again.

I agree. I think as a private entity, Dell would be a lot more maneuverable and be able to take more risks that, in the long run, would prove very beneficial. Shareholders, for the mostpart, are more interested in short-term gains than long term growth. Sometimes taking a company private can the best thing to do IMO, it's just so fricken hard to do.

spy beef said,
Dell will die with the PC industry.

first off the PC industry will have a very hard time completely dying off, someone still has to make the high end servers that run everything else, and the workstations that people use at work... because despite how many tablet lovers want to think it, tablets are not going to take over workstations anytime in the near future

spy beef said,
Dell will die with the PC industry.

Idiotic comments like these are a waste. How the heck is the Pc industry dying off? Nobody and I mean nobody would be able to get any work done with a tablet or a phone unless it's an evolution of the PC where all what makes a pc is evolved to fit into these type of mobile devices.

right...because those little disposable tablets that they give away free when you open a bank account that can only view websites and run primitive applications will run the whole world.

spy beef said,
Dell will die with the PC industry.

Ha.. Hahaha.... hahahahahahahaha..... Yes, you heard it right here, the PC is 'dying', just like bread, milk, music and breathing are all dying breeds