Michael Dell Resumes CEO Position at Dell

Recovering from the Sony notebook battery fiasco and facing federal investigations into it's accounting practices, Dell Inc. announced on Wednesday that Chairman Michael Dell will be resuming his role as CEO effective immediately, replacing Kevin Rollins who was tapped by Dell as his successor in 2004. "Kevin has been a great business partner and friend," Dell said in a statement. "He has made significant contributions to our business over the past 10 years. I wish him much success in the future."

Dell stock had fallen 7 cents per share to $24.22 at the close of the market on Wednesday but quickly jumped 97 cents (4%) in after market trading.

News source: Associated Press
News source: Dell

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I'm on the phone with their support ppl right now, lets hope majortom1981 isn't right :P
edit: woohoo problem solved, (michael) dell hooray!

It s not dells computers that are the problem (unless you talk about the inspiron 5100 line) Its their cusomer support (the non gold support) in inida that is the problem.

Maybe Dell will get back to making high-quality products...my Inspiron 6400 felt like it was falling apart from the first day I got it...err!