Microsoft: 1.1 million people have used Windows App Studio

If you are looking to create applications for Microsoft's app stores, we highly recommend that you check out the Windows App Studio beta. The App Studio makes it easy to take an idea and turn it into an app very quickly. 

If you are one of the 1.1 million users who have taken advantage of App Studio, there is good news for you as Microsoft has released a new version of the product. In this update, it is now even easier to publish your app to the Windows Stores.

After you create your app, you can now download a .zip file that contains your 'store-ready' package, up to six screenshots, a logo and instructions to publish your app to the Microsoft stores. Along with the easier submission process, there are new data sources for photos from Instagram, Flickr and dynamic / static collections. Also, you can now use YouTube playlists as a data source.

One criticism of the Windows app stores are their shortage of applications when compared to iOS and Google Play. While App studio does make it quite easy to create apps, we know that these are not the types of applications users are requesting. Still, these types of apps will help Microsoft boost the number of apps in its stores which is a physiological win for attracting new users.

Source: Microsoft

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People buying a certain phone brand just for a game, that will be replaced as soon as the next craze comes out....

First world problems.... ;-)

scumdogmillionaire said,
Well considering Q3 2014 starts in 20 days, I'm gonna say that's wrong ;)

Well considering Apps development for Windows is at the bottom of development chain for most of the developers, I won't be putting much hope in their forecasts for app availability.

What this headline probably should say is "1.1 million people have registered for Windows App Studio to download Windows Phone 8.1". :p Not that I'm complaining!

I'm prety sure they online count real users, as Windows Phone 8.1 is already installed on over 5-6% of the Windows Phone devices. And there are right now already 80 million Windows Phone devices. That's more than this 1.1 million, and I doubt that there are so many payed developers.

I don't know if you know, but Windows App Studio has been the base of some realy well done apps. I use it myself to build a basic app, then extend it to support everything I need...

Yea, messed with it for a bit, for what it is it's pretty slick, interesting setup for the hobbyist, etc. It's no replacement for a full blown development environment obviously, not suited for a lot of scenarios, but for the little things it's rather neat.

Dot Matrix said,
It's great if you want to create a photo album of your dog. (N) Not the types of apps we want, Microsoft.

but i want to create a photo album of my dog (Kuro).