Microsoft: 12 fixes to come on Patch Tuesday; 7 Critical

Microsoft is gearing up to release 12 security bulletins Tuesday that will include patches for critical vulnerabilities in Office, Windows, Internet Explorer, VBScript, JScript and Visual Basic. The updates, which will come in Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday release, February 12, 2008.

The critical vulnerabilities all cause remote code execution problems. That means if the flaw is exploited, a hacker could remotely control the infected machine. The vulnerabilities rated important also cause remote code execution, which generally garners a critical rating.

News source: Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for February 2008 @ Microsoft Technet

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Well, looking through the site for these updates linked above. Most of them, I'd say a good 90 - 95% of them are for Windos XP SP2 or older and Office 2003 or older.

Breaking the numbers down I think it's like 2-3 updates for Vista and like 1 or 2 for Office 2007?

Whatever the case, point is that from the looks of things their newer products aren't in need of all 12 updates.

(Skyfrog said @ #6.1)
XP is affected by 7 and Vista by 5. So I don't think that's quite comes out to 95% of them being for XP or older. ;)

Only two critical updates for Vista. And I'm betting my $0.2 that most of it is IE related and therefore hardly concerns me.

With that many patches at once, better get set for some issues! I'll hold off a day or 2 and watch what happens here!!