Microsoft 3° Build 1.0.0352.0 Released

Thanks xStainDx...Microsoft have just released an update of its P2P connection software 3° for MSN Messenger with the build number 1.0.0352.0. The first official beta release, carrying the build number 1.0.0336.0, wasn't updated for months. Now, finally an update is out which is a sign that this project has not been discarded by Microsoft. The tool is still intended to be used with MSN Messenger 5.0, allthough we've tested it with MSN Messenger 6 and functions well with no noticable problems. There is no word on changes, fixes or improvements yet.

3° is software that connects a small group of family and close friends, people who know and trust one another, so they can do fun things together in a whole new way. 3° is a beta test of an innovative application that lets users connect online, extending real-world social interactions.

Download: Microsoft 3° Build 1.0.0352.0

View: MSKB Article for required Advanced Networking Pack

View: 3° Home Page

News source: Neowin BPN

This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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