Microsoft accelerating IE6 to IE8 upgrade with donations

Microsoft's Browser for the Better program is a very generous one; with every copy of Internet Explorer 8 that is downloaded from the site, the company will donate 8 meals to the Feeding America charity. They don't want the giving to end here, though. Microsoft has now added a new form of incentive to the program, stating that they will offer double the amount of donated meals for every time somebody upgrades from IE6 to IE8.

The initial amount of meals that was to be donated was 8 (well, at least $1.15, the reported equivalent), so that means the charity will get 16 free meals for every time a person upgrades. This certainly is an offer than everybody can benefit from. Feeding America will get free donations, which is obviously always a good thing, and Microsoft will be rid of the hassle of dealing with much older software versions, whilst increasing their Internet Explorer 8 market share. Lastly, this is great for web developers; IE6 is a thorn in the side of those wishing to create websites, so with less people using it, it will allow them to sleep a bit easier at night.

If you'd like to help out with this, head to the download page on the Browser for the Better site and help out a few Americans. Keep in mind that the maximum amount donated is US$1,000,000, and that the deadline has been extended from August 8 to September 30.

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what ms could do is donate all those meals to those who really need it like the homeless and the cost they could send me a cheque to cash for some money.

powerade01 said,
I wonder why MS didnt include IE8 in their SP3.

Or at least a home SP3 (with IE8 ) and a corporate SP3 (without IE8 ).

Because SP3 was finished a year before IE8 was released.

Great, more jacked up XP machines to fix >.> Hey, I'm all for IE8 on Windows 7. Fast, smooth, and no issues, but on XP it causes me more headaches on a regular basis, more people ****ing and moaning about slow browsing etc etc. Hell, I'm fighting with an XP machine right now with IE8 that won't even try to install flash player.

Sounds to me like you're not a very good tech. And what are you moaning about? If you can't stand the heat, go to work at a real job..Like McDonalds

Incoming "Americans don't need food!" from people from other countries. Before that happens I want to point out, there's a lot of people in America that don't have any food to eat. We're not all fat pigs.

This sounds like one of those spam email chain messages you get about AOL donation $0.02 to care for a dying baby!

How can you make 8 meals for $1.15?

Pfff that's easy!

You buy a plain hamburger from McDonald's. Cut it into 8 and serve. Viola!

How can you make 8 meals for $1.15?

I could easily get 9 meals out of $1.15... 9 packadges of Ramen noodles... are what 10 cents? plus cost of water and heat...

ANYTHING... and I do mean absolutely ANYTHING other than IE6, is a huge improvement. I used to have hair until IE6 came along.

I always thought that those emails saying:
"Bill Gates will give a penny to charity every time this email was forwarded... Forward to everyone you know!"
were fake. I now feel such a b'stard for deleting them!

This is great, now that about 10% of Amerikans are claiming food stamps ( ) Bill is giving something back... Well done!

What would it look like if that 10% were queueing at soup lines as happened in the first depression of the 1930's

Incentivising upgrades with donations to charity? I smell desperation. Clearly they can't convince users on browser merit alone, for why else would they do this? The prospect of upgrading must be so unappealing that they have to resort to tactics like these. Perhaps they should instead consider recommending Firefox xD

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