Microsoft activates gift card code option for buying Windows 8 apps

Last week, we spotted that Amazon was taking pre-orders for a $15 "Microsoft Windows Gift Card", which the site said would be released on October 18th, the same date as the launch of Windows 8.1. Now a new report claims that Microsoft has now activated a way for Windows 8 owners to pay for apps in the Windows Store with a gift card or promotional code.

As reported by McAkins Online, the new option appeared in Windows 8 this weekend. It's unknown if this is just for Windows 8 apps or if it will also be available for Windows Phone 8 app downloads. Whatever the case, this is something that will likely be welcomed by many owners of Windows 8 devices, particularly those with young kids who can now be allowed to pay for apps via a gift card without having to use their parents credit card information.

This also means that Microsoft will soon join the ranks of Apple, Google and Amazon, all of which offer retail gift cards that let people buy apps, videos and music from their respective download stores. Microsoft has yet to comment about the launch of these new Windows gift cards. So far, they have not responded to our inquiries on this subject.

Source: McAkins Online | Image via McAkins Online

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Will you be able to get theses codes online, or will they be real cards with a scratch nr?
And most importantly, for me at least, can I buy them from Amazon USA, load up my USA MS account, and then buy apps from outside the USA.

I guess these are the burdens of leaving on a tiny island in the Caribbean sea.
No but seriously, sort, your **** out MS, I want to give you money, just accept it

So I see the place to redeem the code, but I don't see how to use my Microsoft Account balance on Windows 8.1. I checked the payment options and I can't select Microsoft Account. I went to a paid app and pressed buy and got all the way to the last step before confirmation and it didn't let me choose Microsoft Account balance. Have they not yet enabled PURCHASING apps with your balance?

I have $13 in my balance, $5 from Bing rewards that I redeemed on Windows Phone a few months ago and $8 from my converted Xbox Live MS Points (they turned all MS Points into real currency in your MS Account). Currently I can use my balance on WP apps and XBLive. They said Xbox Music would get MS Points payment later this year or early next.

This FAQ page only mentions WP and Xbox as places to use your balance. So I don't think WIndows 8.1 allows you to use it yet.

This would be great for me.

I've been trying for over 2 weeks to attach a cc to my MS account without success
Spoke to MS about if for hours on chat and phone without success

Hopefully we can purchase these gift cards online so I can load up my MS account this way

I can't believe how hard it is to give MS money if you don't live in the country where your cc originates from.

Sort you sh*t out MS if you want to be a proper international player.

Now we need the option to gift apps directly (buy an app and send it to another person).

EDIT: wishlist would also be a welcome feature. It is such a basic thing, I really can't understand what's taking them so long.

amnesia- said,
Now we need the option to gift apps directly (buy an app and send it to another person).

EDIT: wishlist would also be a welcome feature. It is such a basic thing, I really can't understand what's taking them so long.

Those store/server side features shouldn't take long to add actually. It's not like they have to push out some big app update.

As we said, Amazon is taking pre-orders for the gift card but there's been no word from Microsoft about the official launch of such gift cards or codes.

-adrian- said,
Just saw that. was about time. not sure how it works though. will it jump to the app in the store than?

Isn't the code for a set amount of money which will then be in your accounts balance? Now that they have Xbox Live using real money and not points and your MS account is your Xbox Live account as well and so on, aren't these gift cards just for say, $5 or $10 etc and not for something specific?

Whenever you buy an app in the store, at "check out" it will show the payment options from the wallet and you can select the one you want, any credit card stored against your MS Account or any credit you have on a gift card.