Microsoft adding more info categories to Bing Autosuggest

In May, Microsoft started to put in information boxes when a search string on a famous person is typed into the main Bing search bar. Today, Microsoft announced an expansion of that concept, allowing info boxes to pop up in more search string catagories.

The official Bing blog states, "Building on People Autosuggest, today we are expanding the number of categories that will show up in autosuggest to include brands, movies, albums, places, software, sport teams, animal species and more." The blog added that the new feature uses technology that Microsoft calls Satori that enables Bing to understand each search string and then come up with the appropriate information box.

For example, typing in "Harry Potter" in the main Bing search box will not only offer a number of suggested search phrases but also information boxes related to Harry Potter, such as titles of the books and movies, an overall information box on the character Harry Potter and more. Microsoft states, "All of this computational power allows you to select the most appropriate choice in a matter of milliseconds."

Microsoft is slowly expanding the use of Bing in other areas, including making it the official search engine for Windows 8.1.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Biggest issue with Bing is that most of the features is not available outside USA so its really stupid. For instance, i just changed my region from India to USA and noticed that the entire wallpaper on is animating compared to the same static image when I was using Bing when my region was in India.