Microsoft adding more tickets for BUILD 2013; on sale Wednesday

Microsoft quickly sold out of tickets for its BUILD 2013 conference over a month ago, but today the company revealed that it has found some more space for a limited number of extra attendees for its developer conference; the conference itself will be still be held June 26-28 in San Francisco.

As indicated on Microsoft's BUILD 2013 website, the extra tickets will go on sale on Wednesday beginning at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (noon Eastern time). The website gives no indication on just how many tickets will go on sale but it's a safe bet that no matter what the number is, they will likely sell out quickly.

Microsoft will almost certainly have quite a few things to reveal at this year's BUILD event, not the least of which is the public preview version of "Blue", the first major update for Windows 8, which will likely get the official name Windows 8.1 when it is officially launched later this year.

Microsoft could also announce new version of its Surface tablet at the event, the next major version of the Windows Phone OS and more at BUILD 2013. Ironically, the day and time that Microsoft has chosen to sell tickets for BUILD 2013 this week is also the exact day when the keynote speech is scheduled to begin at Google's annual I/O conference, also held in San Francisco.

Source: BUILD 2013 | Image via Microsoft

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Spencer R said,
Anyone know what's the deal with the anti-aliasing of Hello San Fran on the build site? IE it's fine, Chrome is a mess.

Same here, Chrome renders it like crap AA wise

Chrome has always had anti-aliasing font rendering issues (depends on the font used), and Firefox to a lesser extent.

IE10 is always better than any other browser with font AA as literally everything displayed is rendered by the GPU and IE properly makes use of Windows font rendering features. If you look closely all the text looks better on the Build site in IE10.

Spencer R said,
Anyone know what's the deal with the anti-aliasing of Hello San Fran on the build site? IE it's fine, Chrome is a mess.

Isn't it because it's an overlay div, on top of a background image?

Internet Explorer used to the opposite bug back in, I think it was version 7.0. There were a number of text-on-image corner cases that showed awful color fringing, because GDI+ didn't know what the background color was.

Now that Internet Explorer uses DirectWrite with ClearType turned off, they can just render out an alpha channel and have the graphics card handle the composition. Rendering z-buffers is exactly what graphics cards were designed to do.

P.S. Why is the photo of the Golden Gate Bridge named secret.jpg? With an alt tag of "It's a secret!"