Microsoft Adds 3-D Online Mapping Interface to Live Search

Microsoft's Live Search offering just got a lot more sophisticated with the addition of Virtual Earth 3-D, a new online mapping interface currently available in the United States. The mapping interface provides consumers with a three-dimensional experience to search, browse and explore the real world online.

Virtual Earth 3-D lets users navigate over cities and between buildings much like the way they can in virtual-reality environments, but it is different from many other offerings in the market as it is a downloadable browser application, Stephen Lawler, general manager of Microsoft's Virtual Earth Group, told eWEEK.

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News source: eWeek

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Fantastic... Just another step in virtualization technology.

Imagine how great it will be if this technology could be combined with the 3-D holographic displays. I really can't wait for the future to come and mesh a lot of these great technologies together.

Once these technologies become mainstream, I bet many people will take it for granted. Those who don't live through today most probably will.


Doesn't seem to like being behind an authenticating proxy. I can't even download the installable bits to start to see this. Will have to wait until I get home.

1st post, oh yeah...

Anyway, this Local Live search is just getting better by the minute, now if only they would make a XBOX360 version...

Well you know you can plug you Xbox 360 controller into your PC and use it to fly around the cities? Not tried it myself yet (at work) but it sounds fun!!