Microsoft adds Facebook login support to Windows Phone and Windows 8/8.1 apps

Microsoft and Facebook continue to work together on many different projects. Following the release of the official Windows 8.1 Facebook app a few weeks ago, Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone and Windows 8/8.1 app developers can now integrate Facebook login support into their apps.

In a blog post, Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President and Chief Evangelist, says that this new feature will help to stop frustration from some app users who sometimes have to remember multiple logins and passwords in order to access content on apps. He states:

Some studies show such interruptions can significantly reduce a user’s likelihood of signing up for the app. For example, in 2012, a study commissioned by Janrain found 92 percent of U.S. respondents leave an experience due to forgotten login information or the need to create a new account.

In addition to consolidating login information, the new Facebook support will allow apps to do things like share high scores and photos from within an app with their Facebook friends. Some apps already have plans to include Facebook login support such as Foursquare, Adobe Photoshop Express and iHeartRadio.

The documentation and APIs for the Facebook login support can be found at the official Windows App Builder blog and the Windows Phone Developer blog. The Windows 8/8.1 support is considered to be complete but the Windows Phone support for Facebook login is currently being released as a beta, which Microsoft says should last 60 days or less.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I agree with @Ideas Man about using Microsoft Account for App logins but I still use Facebook.

How about this have Facebook Credentials or token key be saved in your Microsoft Account and have MS broker the login. Just a idea that might be one sided.

Eh, I'd prefer it if it went the other way, and I could use my Microsoft account for all app logins. I don't have, nor want Facebook, but I'm not going to poo poo this for those that do.

It'd be nice if Microsoft restored 3rd party usage, similar to the .NET Passport days, where 3rd parties allowed you to use your .NET Passport to login to their sites, eBay for example did.

The problem is, Microsoft licensed access for use on websites. It was only later when they were killing off when it became free. By that point, it already had a bad name for being expensive...
But the worst part was the API you had to use. Lots of coding done on your website, mostly in ASP, with little help from Microsoft in the PHP world.
Now, fast forward to facebook login's on websites. It's nothing more then some HTML on your website and setting up a developer account, with a API key on facebook. Everything is done for you and it's free from the outset. Not only that, but the details from your webpage is automatically tracked and you can interact with it on the facebook site, with access to friends lists, status updates etc.. even like buttons for you site.
For developers and content providers, this simply blows away anything Microsoft have created like it. It's one of the big reasons why Facebook gets pushed so hard from the business world.

No, that was a manual login to facebook, similar to how websites lets you log in with facebook. What you are referring to is the white login box that appears, requiring you to sign in to facebook and accept. This new API, I believe, stores your facebook login to your device. All you have to do is click a blue button on an app, and it will take that log in credentials from the device and log you in through facebook. You will not need to type in your username or facebook password. It will be a one-click experience.