Microsoft adds food and drug information to Bing Snapshot

Microsoft continues to add more information and entities into its Bing search service. Last March, the company added data about doctors, lawyers and more to the site's Bing Snapshot box. Today, Microsoft announced that users can now see detailed information about specific drugs and food in Bing Snapshot.

Microsoft's Bing blog reveals that the info box will show up if a person types in the name of a food item or drug. For a specific food, Bing Snapshot will display facts about the number of calories in a serving, what kinds of vitamins it contains, how much fat it might have, its scientific name and more. It certainly sounds like it will be a solid resource for people who want to learn more about what they eat.

As far as drug information, Bing Snapshot will now reveal the chemical formula for specific medications, along with what symptoms they are designed to treat or prevent, their inventor or inventors, their classes, side effects, how they are administered and much more. Again, this new and quick way to access data from inside the Bing search engine, instead of clicking through links, should be a big help to people who are doing research on drugs.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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On my main PC I use Chrome and Google search but on my Surface RT since I am using IE anyway I have been trying to use Bing more just to ensure that I am not just bias towards Google. At first it was painful but more and more Bing is getting better to the point that I could live with Bing if I had to.

Mostly Google is better (for me) with technical results, even bringing up better Microsoft resources then Bing does.

I saw this a month ago or something when I searched "paprika" or something (it was some sort of spice) and suddenly all these nutrition facts for it appeared on the side.

Paprika isn't just any sort of spice, it's the greatest spice. Smoked paprika is even better.

You can add it just about and hot dish and expect it enhance the flavour of everything.

How about actually updating it so it would be usable outside a few countries in the world? I'd like to ditch Google but my god, Bing results are just horrible over here.

Just slowly start using Bing. Google has had many years to figure out how you search and like results. Bing hasn't.
I'm slowly using Bing more and more as it's slowly getting better results, and in several cases where Google gave me pages and pages of garbage, Bing had what I wanted in the first 3.
But for anything non-english, Bing is absolutely garbage.

Hopefully Cortana can take advantage, but it still can't set a timer, graph, comparing two items, and Cortana can't tell you the time even thought Bing DOES have a clock!