Microsoft adds fresh new look to Live Search Club

If you've been a Live Search Club regular, you'll notice a new look and new features for the Club.

Live Search Club offers members a fun way to experience Live Search's rich, useful search results, while also rewarding members with games, prizes, and donations to charities. It's free, it's fun, and it's our unique way of introducing more people to the advantages of searching with Live Search.

How it works: You sign up, become a member and start playing our free word, trivia and celebrity games. Club members also get tickets for playing, which can be redeemed for prizes or donated to the charity of your choice. All games use Live Search, so you can see how Live Search offers a rewarding search experience.

Link: Live Search Club

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So they're doing prizes instead of improving their search spider? Hm... Whatever works for them I suppose, but it would feel a bit weird to do queries on an inferior engine just to win prizes.

lol... I like the idea but it is bugged ... when I play a game (all games encourage some use of live search) the game uses google to search for hints and similar things... oops