Microsoft adds more security features to Microsoft Accounts

Last week, Microsoft announced plans to increase encryption on its online services. Today, the company revealed plans to offer customers who have a Microsoft Account more ways to ensure their information is not being used by others.

A Microsoft Account is used to sign into various Microsoft services, including, SkyDrive and Xbox Live. In a blog post, Microsoft stated that users can now view the recent activity on their account. The company stated:

As you can see from the example picture, this page displays different types of activity, including successful and unsuccessful sign-ins, the addition and deletion of security information and more. For each type of activity, we show you what kind of device and browser was used, and what location the request came from, including a handy map from our friends at Bing. If you see something suspicious, there’s an easy “This wasn’t me” button that will help you take steps to protect your account.

Microsoft Account users who get access via two-step verification can now also set up a secure recovery code, just in case they lose access to their phone number or email address. Finally, Microsoft has added a way for users to choose a location to send any notifications, whether its an email or a text message via mobile phone. Users who want more information on how to keep their Microsoft Account secure can check out a special web page with hints on how to accomplish that task.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Just got it today, apparently someone from Washington (DC) would have been in my account by now if it wasn't for my 2-factor authentication O.O

Made sure to change my password to an auto-generated one, glad they added this

soder said,
Will this also show the activity from that NSA person who is regularly collecting data from my stuff?

Absolutely, and a live chat window as well if you're both online!

Yep, there was supposed to be a Mayday button that brought up video chat when you needed to ask your assigned NSA agent a question about what website you were visiting last week that you can't find. But, it didn't make it off the drawing board.

Emiliano Magliocca said,

does gmail already do this too?

I am going to ask my associated NSA agent, if he is the same person logging into my MS account and my gmail account also.

Awesome, now I can finally keep an eye on that pesky Brazilian that keeps trying to hijack my account... get a password reset e-mail every now and then >.<

Spicoli said,
I get a "we can't find that page" after clicking "See your recent activity". I guess this isn't completely rolled out yet.

I can see it on my US account. So I guess other regions will still need to wait.