Microsoft adds to Bing Rewards program

In 2010, Microsoft launched the Bing Rewards program that allows its members to generate points based on searching on Bing. The points can be collected and exchanges for special prizes such as gift cards, Microsoft Points and more.

Late Friday, Microsoft announced a new avenue for Bing Rewards members to get points. In a post on the Bing blog, the company revealed that exploring and using, Microsoft's news and media site, can now add to a person's Bing Rewards score. It states:

Bing Rewards members are now able to keep track of their credit balance right from the MSN homepage. From getting things done with the help of Bing’s search results to catching up on the news that matters most to you on MSN, we’re delighted to enhance the benefits and experience of using both Bing and MSN every day.

The support for Bing Rewards is just for U.S. residents at the moment, and it also won't work with the Windows 8 version of If you live in the US, you can surf over to the site to see the new Rewards icon at the top of the page. Signing into Bing Rewards will show users their current point balances along with new challenges that can be completed to earn more points.

Microsoft's blog post also said today that there are currently over 3 million Bing Rewards members since it launched nearly three years ago.

Source: Bing blog | Image via Microsoft

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My wife and I love Bing rewards. We always make sure we get our points every day and cash in 475 every 15 days or so for $5.00 Amazon gift card.

I find Bing to actually be the better search engine in most cases and it is always getting better. I still hit Google if I'm looking for programming stuff, Google does better there for some reason, but for general information, I prefer Bing at this point.

hm not bad, I've got 8k points. Could use some more lol. Though it appears it's not showing up on the WIndows 8 version of MSN.

I didn't know Bing had rewards, sounds like the old Microsoft Club thing where you could play games for points. I remember getting Vista, a USB drive and some headphones for free just for playing those games. Then everyone started botting and ruined it for the rest of us.