Microsoft adds new features to Lync

Microsoft's Lync desktop client, which added two-factor authentication in its last major update, has a new version to download today. This update adds quite a few new features to Microsoft's business-themed messaging software.

The official Lync blog states that one of the additions is being able to add pictures of both the sender and receiver of messages in the client, as shown in the screenshot above. In addition, Lync now allows users to link to a URL in order to set up a picture for their Lync profile and IM messages. The URL must be a public link and not a private website in order to work.

Administrators who are in charge of Lync Server deployments can now use a feature that allows them to change a Persistent Chat (pChat) room to a full Lync Meeting with all of the room's members. Admins can also quickly access Lync sign-in logs with a new menu option in the latest desktop client. Finally, there's a new way to change the resolution and the size of any client-side recordings. This will make it easier to share any recordings via SharePoint or email instead of having to deal with a large HD file.

Source: Lync blog | Image via Microsoft

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So they take a Lync 2010 feature away in 2013, then bring it back requiring admins to modify the server to enable profile photos again??!?!? Makes no sence

Until I can overrule the server settings disabling conversation logging, I'll stick with Pidgin and libsipe; thanks.

Additionally, I just don't see the appeal of replacing a simple list of names with contact photos. When there is a group chat with 10-15 people, half of whom are from another department in a separate LOB or from offshore - I may as well be looking at pictures of random people. Pidgin handles group chats with Lync much better in that regard.