Microsoft adds new Windows 8.1 themes, including some that have Irish luck

As we slowly get out of the winter season to welcome spring, Microsoft is reminding us that we are also getting close to St. Patrick's Day with a couple of new Windows 8.1 themes to download, along with some other recent additions to their theme library.

The Windows blog states that one of the new themes has 17 images taken in Ireland, showing off some of that country's incredible natural scenery. Some of the photos also show a variety of ancient man made structures like the one above. This particular theme also contains a background sound scheme of Celtic music. Microsoft has also released a theme of 18 images that show what rainbows look like all over the world (hey, there may be a pot of gold guarded by a leprechaun hidden away in some of those places).

Microsoft also has some non-Irish Windows 8.1 themes to download this weekend. One of our favorites is GTGraphics 3, which is the third theme from German artists Tobias Roetsch and Jeff Michelmann The first two GTGraphics themes showed off fictional space locations. GTGraphics 3 is a little bit of a departure for the artistic duo as the 16 image theme contains some fantasy locations as well. We especially like "Der Blaue Adinosaurus" as shown above.

Microsoft recently announced that the images contained in the shut down Dynamic Themes will be offered again as a series of Windows 8.1 themes. This month's new selections does not include those older images.

Source: Microsoft | Images via Microsoft

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Unfortunately, the Irish themepack doesn't appear to be one that syncs across your devices with your Microsoft account...

I can't wait for my theme to break horrendously when the uxtheme gets repatched by Microsoft in the upcoming spring update.

I think you're confusing themes with visual styles on windows. Theme is a bundle of wallpaper, sounds, cursors, and/or visual style. A visual style actually changes the ui elements and is often bundled in third party (unofficial) themes.

They already have that.

1. Right click on desktop, choose Personalize
2. Click "Desktop Background"
3. In the Picture Location dropdown, choose "Solid Colors"
4. Choose your favorite and click "Save Changes"

You now have a Metro theme.